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Cross Lease Solutions

When a development consultancy and a property specialist law firm cross - you get the perfect one-step solution to convert your Christchurch cross lease title to freehold. As your expert specialist “cross lease sorting” team,  we’ll take care of the entire process for you.

Cross Lease Solutions in Christchurch is a professional collaboration between Fraser Thomas and Layburn Hodgins. Our combined knowledge and experience mean we can combat any challenge or issue with your cross lease with ease

We specialise in providing surveying and legal services for Cross Lease properties. -


  • Cross lease conversion to fee simple (freehold) title (sometimes known as cross lease subdivision). Click here.

  • Flats Plan Update due to renovation or extension of a dwelling. Click here.

  • Cross Lease Boundary and legal advice consultation. Click here.

Fraser Thomas logo

Fraser Thomas is a Land Development Consultancy with a team of specialist Planners, Surveyors and Engineers to overcome any potential issue with the subdivision process of a cross lease development. Fraser Thomas has serviced clients for over 50 years in New Zealand, bringing professional experience and expertise to your project.

You can trust our extensive knowledge when it comes to converting Cross Lease titles to freehold titles, updating cross lease plans and providing expert advice in cross lease boundary issues.

Layburn Hodgins logo

Layburn Hodgins Limited is a boutique Christchurch law firm with a specialist Property Law team who hold extensive experience in subdivisions, including Cross lease conversions and Cross lease title updates, along with other types of subdivision such as standard freehold / fee simple subdivision, unit title subdivision, and rural subdivision. Their property team also deal with neighbour disputes and all other property law related matters.

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