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Cross Lease Solutions

Auckland and Christchurch specialists in converting cross lease property to freehold

Hand over your cross-lease headache to our team of planners, surveyors, engineers and property law specialists.

Cross Lease Solutions is a professional collaboration between a surveying company and property law firm. Our combined knowledge and experience as a development consultancy and property specialist law firm, means we can combat any cross lease challenge with ease.

With vast experience in cross lease to freehold subdivision, we’ll manage the whole conversion process for you from start to finish.

Cross Lease Conversions

Convert your cross lease title to freehold

Flats plan update

Avoid a defective title, by updating your flats plan

Legal Advice

Resolve cross lease related disagreements

Why use us

Our cross lease conversion service removes the burden of living in a cross lease situation, allowing you to own your own property outright. This can remove the need of dealing with the neighbours unnecessarily and increase the value of your property.

Our flats plan service helps keep your title up-to-date, making the legally required changes to your title after any renovation work is completed on your property. If your flats plan is not updated, your title is defective until this is properly completed.

Our legal and boundary specialist cross lease advice can work through any issue and provide expert surveying and legal advice on how to best deal with any cross lease issue.

Cross Lease Solutions

Why convert your crosslease title to freehold?

Gain your own title and full ownership of your property.

Avoid a defective title which can cause legal issues which affect and delay the sale of the property

Avoid the burden of dealing with neighbours permissions, or flats plans each time you want to make a change.

Add value by freeholding with us. A freehold title is often considered more desirable/adds value

Add significant value by taking advantage of the Auckland Unitary Plan to convert your cross lease into a freehold title, then subdivide the new freehold title, to create additional dwellings and allotments.

Projects and testimonials

Cross Lease Projects
Murdoch Road

“I recently engaged Jake McKenzie & Sebastian Tolich to split the titles between a property I purchased earlier in the year with a neighbouring property. Prior to purchasing, I sought advice from them for feasibility as this information hinged my final decision. Once I had made the purchase, I appointed them to take care of the cross-lease conversion. The process was well-planned, smooth, and informative, and gave me complete confidence that I could leave them to deliver on the project efficiently and effectively. I couldn’t recommend Jake and Sebastian enough; they are both highly diligent and experts in their respective fields”.

Alex Jeffery

Fix your cross lease issues, talk with us


Cross Lease Solutions is a professional collaboration between Barry Satchell Consultants and Ra Law.


Cross Lease Solutions in Christchurch is a professional collaboration between Fraser Thomas and Layburn Hodgins.

Frequently asked questions

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